Volunteer at BW!

Application for BW Volunteers.

(BW = Beretningsweekend)


From october 25th – 28th this years BW takes place. The event is mainly helt in the favor of tutors and lackeys and is ment as a reward for the work with tutoring and therefore it always takes place after the end of the turoring period. BW has over the years been very different and it will again this year be different from last years, but the concepts stay the same. There will be opportunity to party, there will be an active bar (preferably open as long as possible) and there will be small events throughout the days.


We expect that the bartenders:

  • Show up on the time indicated in there bar schedule
  • Are not too drunk to be able to serve, when behind the bar
  • Do not leave the bar unannounced
  • Uphold an order behind the bar and has an overview of used and unused products
  • Understand the payment system
  • Use their common sense


We expect that the activist:

  • Helps out with the events and other practicalities
  • Keeps themselves orientated and updated on the task that needs to be done
  • Makes themselves available
  • Are reachable and present when needed
  • Are willing to be a sober guard if needed

We expect overall that you can participate all the days of BW.

If you want to be a volunteer, send us an mail at bw-koordinator@studenterraadet.dk with following information:

- Do you want to be a bartender or an activist?

- Write 5-15  lines about what kinds of responsibility or experience you have that might come in handy.

- There will be sober guards all day and night, how do feel about being a sober guard? (activist only)

- Do you have driver licens?

- Full name/s

Deadline: 9th of August 2018

We are looking foreward to hearing from you.

Best regards from the BW Team