Commencement of Study 2018

Information to the new undergraduate students 2018:

Dear RUC student

Welcome to your new student life at Roskilde University beginning August 20th.

In the first fourteen days, the most awesome tutors will make sure you receive a great welcome to life at RUC, and they are already very excited.

Tutors are volunteers who wants to help give you as good a commence of study as possible. They have put together a program containing an academic introduction combined with a lot of social activities illustracting what it means to be a student and help bond with your new fellow students in your new bachelor house.

Beside activities on RUC, you also have the possibility to attend a rustrip (introductory field trip) with your tutors. The rustrip consits of a mixture of academic, festive, and social features, so you can meet and greet your fellow students.

You probably have a lot of questions. We have collected the most common questions in our FAQ, however if you cannot find your answer there, you can contact your personal contact in your house (will be updated in August). 

What do I do, if the welcome letter haven't arrived?

The welcome letter arrives by e-boks or mail, so make sure to check it dayly. A new round of letters will be send out. If you still haven't received the letter before the beginning of the rus-period, just meet up at Trekroner Station the 20th of August at 9:00am. There you will find a tutor with an tutor T-shirt on, that will help you finding the correct house. Otherwise call the RUS-chairmanship: Roar Sejr - (+45 25 85 45 94) or Daniel Lindholm - (+45 61 67 87 82).